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Convicted and don’t know what to do?

We do.

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As an Atlanta law firm practicing exclusively in the field of postconviction representation, McIntyre & Associates understands the unique difficulties and challenges faced by incarcerated clients and their families in Georgia.  The focus of our law practice is helping people to be released from confinement and to become free from restrictions placed upon them due to their prior convictions.  We know how difficult it can be for convicted people and their families to learn accurate information about their current status in the system and about legal remedies still available to attack their convictions and sentences.  We know how challenging it can be for people convicted of sex offenses to find help in getting released and complying with sex offender restrictions.  If you or someone you know has been convicted of a crime in Georgia and need compassionate, experienced, and accurate advice about that conviction, call us.  We understand and we can help.  

What can McIntyre & Associates offer you?

McIntyre & Associates offers a comprehensive approach to postconviction representation and relief in Georgia.  We know what options are out there, and we help clients identify which options best fit their needs.  As a firm practicing exclusively in the field of postconviction criminal defense, we can design a roadmap that will get the case headed in the right direction.  Please browse our website, and fill out our new client contact form to see all that we can offer you.

Who better to advise clients of parole matters than a former Georgia Parole Board Member?

Not only does McIntyre & Associates offer clients the advice and assistance of highly trained, experienced attorneys who are well versed in a variety of postconviction legal remedies in both federal and state courts,  McIntyre & Associates is the unique position to have a former Georgia Parole Board Member on staff to consult with clients and their families about parole cases.  Who better to provide parole advice than a former Georgia Parole Board Member who voted on hundreds of thousands of cases on the Georgia Parole Board?  McIntyre & Associates has the experts who know the system, inside and out.  Contact us now and you will see what a difference it makes to have experience working on your side. 


Areas of Practice


At McIntyre & Associates, we have the expertise to evaluate the postconviction options that may be available to you once you have been convicted of a crime in Georgia.  Whether you are currently incarcerated and trying to regain your freedom, or you are still suffering from the repercussions of a past conviction, we are here to help.  Since our firm practices solely in the area of postconviction criminal defense, we are well-versed in the many options that are available to you in order to obtain relief from your conviction.


At McIntyre & Associates we have extensive experience in successfully litigating petitions for habeas corpus in the state of Georgia, including securing habeas corpus relief in death penalty cases. Contact McIntyre & Associates now to request that our experienced attorneys evaluate your case for potential claims to be raised in either a Georgia or federal habeas corpus petition.


McIntyre & Associates is in a unique position to answer the questions you have about the parole process in Georgia and the policies of the Georgia Parole Board. We can help you understand what will happen at the Georgia Parole Board regarding your case. 

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Whether you are facing prosecution and want advice about structuring a plea deal that will facilitate your release from confinement in the future or you are already serving a sentence and want to be released from confinement or restrictive conditions of parole, let our experienced team identify a comprehensive plan to get your case on the quickest track for obtaining relief from convictions and sentences.  Helping people convicted of crimes is all we do.  Contact us now so that we may begin to help you.